at JCPenney

on the Downtown Mall here in C'ville

at Bodo's

at Atomic Burrito

Here's a PDF of some of my stickers for you to have fun with...


James W. Bailey said...

Dear Warren,

This project is terrific! Post more photos, man!

Do you have any extras that I can paste on the back of FEMA trailer applications for the Gulf Coast region? I need about 85,000!


P.S. I received my wonderful Christmas card. I want you to know that it's the only one I've ever framed.

Anonymous said...

thanks man - you can download the pdf and print away. Should I make a new sticker that says: "F.E.M.A. = F.YOU" ?

and its easy to make a great holiday card when you have a lovely flower to put on it.


James W. Bailey said...


I like your FEMA rendition! The popular one on t-shirts in New Orleans is F.E.M.A - Fix Everything, My Ass